Sea of Thieves: 5 tips for sailing alone
Aug. 10, 2020

Sea of Thieves is a relentless game that involves looting and survival. These tips can help you improve your water on your own.


Many new and veteran players have only experienced sailing with friends and therefore don't have much experience navigating the water on their own. If players want to survive on their own in Sea of Thieves, they must remain vigilant and follow certain guidelines so that they do not become an easy target for other pirates, as well as many other marine animals sailing in the same ocean.


Constantly monitor the area with binoculars

Binoculars are an item that the player can use when he sees something in the distance that looks like a ship or an enemy. Players should get the most out of binoculars when navigating on their own, otherwise a ship can get close to them if they are not prepared.


Don't try to complete the Skull Fortresses

Skull Fortresses are fun and allow the player to collect many valuable treasures in a single task. However, Skull Fortresses are not worth completing when players are alone as they are too difficult and too many skeletons spawn at the same time.


Also, if they are alone while in the middle of a battle with evil skeletons on the island, another ship will likely come up and kill them.



Refill supplies from the barrels on the islands.

There are supplies on all the different islands in Sea of Thieves, and they are most noticeable in the water and on islands. The islands usually have several different barrels that contain supplies like wooden planks, rare cannonballs, and even food that will restore the player's health.


Players must loot all of these barrels before leaving an island and keep the supplies on their ship so they can be used later.


Always keep your machete and blunderbuss armed

Cutlass and Blunderbuss weapons are most useful for single player, and they are also very powerful when the player is sailing with other pirates.


The Cutlass never runs out of ammo and as such must be equipped at all times, and the Blunderbuss can shoot many different enemies at once. This is effective when a player is alone with a horde of skeletons behind him.


Stay focused while sailing to an island

While sailing to a new island, the player must keep an eye on the water and never stop concentrating. Players are often used to using their phones or checking their friends list when browsing with other players, as they are not responsible for browsing on their own.

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